The ART to mix Bistronomy and Gastronomy

The meeting between Bistronomy and Gastronomy

An ingoing place means a new cuisine: ZDANK, gastronomic restaurant in Grenoble, blends ambiances in dining room and styles creation from the chef to offer a new gourmet experience.

A Bistro style, on the flat floor, where it serve a cuisine based on seasonal product. Just a call to enjoy some classics mixed up with a hint of creativity, a “pure cuisine faubourgeoise”

A gastronomic Restaurant, located on the first floor, presents a cosy atmosphere and unusual gastronomic experiment. A creative cuisine, appropriate paired wine, it’s a perfect delightful break.

Two vision, two experience, one philosophy : “The cooking express itself only when ingredients merged all together” A.Z


Alexandre Zdankevitch

Chef cuisinier

Formé dans de grands restaurants étoilés, Alexandre explore un univers culinaire puissant et créatif qu’il vous propose aujourd’hui de découvrir à sa propre table.

Thibault Ducousset


Rompu à l’exercice du service et de la sommellerie, Thibault Ducousset a choisi pour vous les terroirs français comme terrain d’expression de la carte.